Aavepyora, Quirk/ Mark Allen, Terrafractyl, Hypnagog 23.3., Israel

OK, back to the holy land, 23.3. Lau Lau presents a really cool lineup, and I will present around two hours of new music, along with some popular old ones probably ;)

Space Camp Gathering… Space Odyssey… What next? What’s the third space party this year?? We live and we see ;) I don’t know myself, but I’m sure something beautiful is on the way!

Also, I have created a Soundcloud page. There you will probably find work-in-progress tracks, maybe remixes of old tracks, and so on… So it will pay to check that out now and again! For now there are two new versions made with my new analog synths of tracks from Kotiin haltiakansan luo, that I was not happy at all about when the album was released. Also some sneak peeks at the new album can be heard there :)

And the new album? Definitely coming out before summer, I have already concluded most talks with the printing house, I think we will see something very special indeed, and finally a professional printed CD that will last for decades hopefully!

That’s all for now, love & light forever!!! – Kim :;)

About Taika-Kim

Musician, adventurer, builder and wonderer.
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