Here be videsoz!

Ah, this one is a classik back from ye olde dayes! Not featuring any actual AVP members though…

The crew:

Tyko Sillanpää
Ahti Launis
Toni Toivonen
Hannu Aarniala

Music: Samu (from the album Tiibetin siivekkäät! Salagroove.)

Ah, what can I say about this one? We had a ton of fun with this :D

The crew : AVP + friends play the fools, Hannu Aarniala directed and edited.

Main music: Taika-Kim (short edit from the album Aarnimaa)

Scroller music: Samu (from the album Apinavuoren jouluyö)

Thanks Vappu for this, and James for the classic soundtrack! (from Apinakuvasto)

Something frozen in time… Music by Samu from the album Ia Ia

Aavepyörä @ Reclaim The Streets, Lahti, 2002… Goodtimes!

Interview from the Amanita party. Wow, listen to that heawwy accsent :D

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