Thank you Floopy & the desert 16.11.!

So, shame about the situation, but for those few who came, it was still a great party, I had fun playing a lot of old material that I never play usually, and also new mixes of old Summamutikka tracks (I believe there’s a release coming of those sometime in the future…). And also it was great hearing for once something like 12 hours of pure oldschool goa only!

I have a few pics, I’ll upload them when I get back home.


About Taika-Kim

Musician, adventurer, builder and wonderer.
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3 Responses to Thank you Floopy & the desert 16.11.!

  1. Anonymous says:

    that party was amazing! so many Spiritual experiences that we experienced
    Especially when you played! thank you!
    from the guys who Climbed the mountain.

  2. shahar says:

    Thank you for an amazing, beautiful Israeli desert
    You surprise me every time a new and illuminating way

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